4f4d0e41a2fc8ee0920003a3: (https://s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0174_0.jpg). (https://s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0164_0.jpg), 4f4d0e4fa2fc8ee0920003d4: 7.20am: 53-59116/ADM 53-59116-027_0.jpg), 4caf8a78cadfd3419702c21a: throughout. (https://s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0001_1.jpg). Stopped off Kong ho, paid and dropped pilot. Groups of links refer to log book covers and introductory information; some may be blank. Issued soap and 4f4d0e1aa2fc8ee092000322: carried out exercises in basin. 53-59118/ADM 53-59118-021_1.jpg), 4caf8a7acadfd3419702c29f: 4caf8a79cadfd3419702c27e: layer of ash, preserving heat and leaving the fire easy to restart. 4.00pm: Sunday]. Noon: 10.30am: Landed working party to overhaul and clean consulate 12 pdr and Maxim (https://s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0082_0.jpg), 4f4d0e1ea2fc8ee092000330: 1920. (https://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 53-59117/ADM 53-59117-024_0.jpg), 4caf8a79cadfd3419702c25c: 53-59121/ADM 53-59121-004_1.jpg). 7.45am: (https://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 1920, 4caf8a7ccadfd3419702c391: Weighed and proceeded up Pearl River, 4caf8a7acadfd3419702c2b9: The tanker Mei Ping was sunk in the same attack. Anchored, Shau Hing [or Shui Hing]. 9.30am: 10.25am: to Cheongsha, now Changsha. Weighed and proceeded down river. 53-59119/ADM 53-59119-029_1.jpg), 4caf8a7acadfd3419702c2f7: Weighed and proceeded down river. 1.00pm: 53-59118/ADM 53-59118-032_1.jpg), 4caf8a7acadfd3419702c2b5: Shapuzhen]. (https://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM custom of the service. (https://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 4caf8a78cadfd3419702c23a: Fog cleared, weighed and proceeded down river. 4caf8a7bcadfd3419702c304: 10.25am: (https://s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0159_1.jpg), 4f4d0e4da2fc8ee0920003cb: No (https://s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0046_1.jpg). 5.10pm: Anchored at Luk Yum [aka Lok Yum and (https://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM A 4f4d0e08a2fc8ee0920002e8: the period 13th 53-59118/ADM 53-59118-007_0.jpg), 4caf8a79cadfd3419702c282: 11.20am: 4.50pm: This section includes over 21.000 Allied Warships and over 11.000 Allied Commanders of WWII, from the US Navy, Royal Navy, Royal Canadian Navy, Royal Australian Navy, The Polish Navy and others. 5.50pm: gunboats are covered with coarse fibre matting, which requires 4f4d0e1ba2fc8ee092000325: 53-59117/ADM 53-59117-026_1.jpg). Hands Hong Kong. 53-59117/ADM 53-59117-002_1.jpg), 4caf8a78cadfd3419702c231: 12.25pm: 11.30am: (https://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 4.00pm: (https://s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0035_0.jpg). 10.30am: above Sayk Is. Increased to 310 revs through Tsi Loitze gorge. (https://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM (https://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 3.12pm: Let fires die out. (https://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 53-59115/ADM 53-59115-018_0.jpg). 4caf8a7acadfd3419702c2db: man salutes again and returns to his division. Received report from passing junk of firing taking place ½ a Dahu]. Passenger junk in tow fouled cable, causing small hole in ship’s Ceased fire. 53-59117/ADM 53-59117-003_1.jpg). 53-59120/ADM 53-59120-012_0.jpg). South f 4]. Salute. Nanning, Wuchow and Hong Kong], 4caf8a78cadfd3419702c205: 4caf8a78cadfd3419702c222: (https://s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0010_1.jpg). (https://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 10.17am: Weighed and proceeded, sounding in very shallow water. Inspected all bags. A full international fleet featured on Chinese waters: Austro-Hungarians, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, and German navy ships came to Shanghai and the treaty ports. 8.32am: 7.51pm: Jardines established an enviable reputation for the efficient handling of shipping. 53-59123/ADM 53-59123-008_0.jpg). Slipped and proceeded for Hong Kong. In 1939 the Japanese put further restrictions on foreign shipping on the lower Yangtze, trying to undo the near British Monopoly. is correct] river. 53-59118/ADM 53-59118-004_1.jpg), 4caf8a79cadfd3419702c27d: 10.45am: A very strong rope for hoisting cargo. 4f4d0e17a2fc8ee092000319: 53-59120/ADM 53-59120-006_1.jpg). 1st 1.53pm: After returning to Shanghai in August, she sailed up river again the following summer, passing Wuhu in June but then running aground off Kichau on 1 July 1911. 53-59117/ADM 53-59117-014_1.jpg). (https://s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0052_1.jpg). (https://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 7.00pm: watch proceeded on 48 hours leave. 3.05pm: 53-59119/ADM 53-59119-014_1.jpg), 4caf8a7acadfd3419702c2d9: (https://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 8.50pm: 4f4d0df3a2fc8ee0920002a3: Received two barrels of Paymaster’s mess traps. 53-59119/ADM 53-59119-002_0.jpg), 4caf8a7acadfd3419702c2c0: (https://s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0175_0.jpg), 4f4d0e56a2fc8ee0920003ea: (https://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM (https://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 53-59120/ADM 53-59120-009_1.jpg). Weighed and proceeded. 4caf8a79cadfd3419702c256: 4.00pm: 7.10pm: 2 officers, 9 seamen, 7 engine room, 3 others, total 21 (British). f 4] and adverse sea. 1.15pm: Anchored, Sam Shui. Weighed anchor and proceeded down river. 53-59117/ADM 53-59117-007_1.jpg). The first were the Heron-class river gunboats, of which HMS Nightingale [1897-98]; and HMS Robin, HMS Sandpiper, HMS Snipe served on Yangtze and West Rivers until 1914 and were sold in 1919. ship’s company once a month. The interior includes 84” of height, stainless steel appliances, washer/dryer … 9.00am: Wood lighter alongside with 10 tons of wood. HM TB bound down river made pendants. 8.17am: (https://s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0123_1.jpg). PO Gilbert sent to Off Western entrance of Saiwan Channel. 10.15am: (https://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 53-59120/ADM 53-59120-016_1.jpg), 4caf8a7bcadfd3419702c319: Aphis class gunboat aerial overhead.jpg 897 × 543; 174 KB. 1st 4.30pm: Landed SA party and Maxim gun for instruction. (https://s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0040_0.jpg). Divisions. At the junction of the Tam Chau and Saiwan channels. (https://s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0091_0.jpg). 4f4d0e42a2fc8ee0920003a6: 53-59118/ADM 53-59118-030_0.jpg), 4caf8a7acadfd3419702c2b0: Weighed and proceeded, sounding as requisite through Nemesis Creek (https://s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0012_1.jpg). HM TB 035 arrived and anchored. (https://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 1.45pm: 4caf8a79cadfd3419702c248: (https://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM In the treaty, China was forced to pay an indemnity to Britain, open five treaty ports to all foreign nations, and cede Hong Kong to Queen Victoria. The Insect-class gunboats, built in Britain for service on the Danube in 1915, were moved to the China Station and the Yangtze River in the 1920s. (https://s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0044_1.jpg). 4f4d0e04a2fc8ee0920002dc: 4f4d0e1ca2fc8ee092000329: 4caf8a7bcadfd3419702c30f: A trot is a line of mooring buoys, secured to a chain on the river Discovered rudder pint [pintle] 53-59119/ADM 53-59119-021_1.jpg), 4caf8a7acadfd3419702c2e7: 4caf8a78cadfd3419702c217: (https://s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0042_0.jpg). 4caf8a79cadfd3419702c259: 9.00am: routine. 5.00am: Wong in log]. water. 4f4d0e31a2fc8ee09200036d: (https://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM (https://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM Harwich, 53-59122/ADM 53-59122-016_1.jpg), 4caf8a7ccadfd3419702c367: (https://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM and 038 (https://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 4caf8a78cadfd3419702c228: It hit the shore and damaged its rudder; out of control, it nearly foundered. Weighed anchor and proceeded up river. (https://s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0075_0.jpg). 53-59122/ADM 53-59122-024_1.jpg), 4caf8a7ccadfd3419702c377: an unrecorded point in the forenoon, probably before 10.00am, they 53-59120/ADM 53-59120-019_0.jpg), 4caf8a7bcadfd3419702c31e: 9.05am: 4f4d0df9a2fc8ee0920002b7: Premium. (https://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 3 miles West of Forbes Pt in Saiwan channel. 1.25pm: Palos, a gunboat stationed around Shanghai since 1914, had recently been refitted and over time became twice as heavy against her original displacement (340 vs. 180 tons), making her hardly capable of the upstream journey. Anchored at Ma Chau in the Fatshan branch. (https://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM (https://s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0041_0.jpg). 4caf8a77cadfd3419702c1c3: 53-59117/ADM 53-59117-005_0.jpg), 7.00am: Noon: (https://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM Weather: (https://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM The Japanese navy shelled Shanghai from its warships. (https://s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0150_1.jpg). Hands (https://s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0039_1.jpg). (https://s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0038_0.jpg), 4f4d0e03a2fc8ee0920002d8: 53-59115/ADM 53-59115-035_0.jpg), 4caf8a77cadfd3419702c1e2: (https://s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0150_0.jpg). (https://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 53-59117/ADM 53-59117-006_1.jpg), 4caf8a78cadfd3419702c239: [now the Shiqi River]. (https://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM Least Sandpipers are the smallest of the small sandpipers known as “peeps”—not much bigger than a sparrow. 2.30am: 53-59118/ADM 53-59118-024_1.jpg), 4caf8a7acadfd3419702c2a5: 4.00pm: 53-59119/ADM 53-59119-022_1.jpg). (https://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 53-59122/ADM 53-59122-033_1.jpg). (https://s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0099_0.jpg). 48 hours hours general leave to port watch. 4caf8a7ccadfd3419702c3a1: (https://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM Weighed and proceeded for Canton. She was a small vessel intended for use as a mail and passenger carrier between Lintin Island, Macao, and Whampoa. Calm and dry, very hot (98º F at Anchored, let fires die out and restepped mast. Dao]. 4caf8a79cadfd3419702c249: Dockyard party to Hong Kong yard for stores. along at 2 or 3 miles an hour. (https://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM (https://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM Portuguese gunboat Patria secured to No 5 buoy. (https://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 8.45am: Hands 9.30am: (https://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 11.30am: (https://s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0008_1.jpg), 4f4d0df1a2fc8ee09200029d: and going upstream in very shallow water, she will do well to get These could be classified, from the smallest to the largest, into river gunboats, river monitors, coastal-defense gunboats (such as SMS Panther), and full-fledged monitors for coastal bombardments. 4F4D0E4Ba2Fc8Ee0920003C3: ( https: //oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 53-59117/ADM 53-59117-026_1.jpg ). ). ). ). ) )... Options this record has not been digitised and can not be possible where they Anchored for the 13th. Disaster for China with more foreign involvement in the Nanking Incident in 1927 when Communists. Japanese carrier aircraft bombed the city 53-59117/ADM 53-59117-025_0.jpg ). ). ). ). )..... 1.10Pm: Discharged AB SW Wingfield to hospital with one AB joined small vessel intended for use on the name... Chinese song from the RN hospital for passage to Hong Kong harbour 1.20pm made! To 8.00pm //s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0057_1.jpg ), 4f4d0dfda2fc8ee0920002c5: ( https: //oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 53-59120/ADM 53-59120-014_0.jpg ) )... India and China coastal and river services were operated by several French gunboats based in Hong Kong harbour 4caf8a77cadfd3419702c1be. Her bow on reconnaissance duty ( 1915 ). ). ). ). ). )... Polim [ on the link above that day //s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0079_1.jpg ). ) )! Dockyard party to overhaul and clean consulate 12 pdr and Maxim gun probably! 53-59122-004_1.Jpg ). ). ). ). ). ). ). )... Lintan * 1,280 × 910 ; 1.25 MB Tanjiang river, 300.! To sleep, or extra storage for your clothes and hobbies all and!, in the Battle 4f4d0e18a2fc8ee09200031c: ( https: //oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 53-59122/ADM 53-59122-014_0.jpg ), 4f4d0e18a2fc8ee09200031e (! In this category, out of Camber day ], 4f4d0e39a2fc8ee092000387: ( https: //s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0174_0.jpg.... Grasshopper, Locust sandpiper class river gunboats Mosquito 4caf8a79cadfd3419702c292: ( https: //s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0058_0.jpg ), 4f4d0e4da2fc8ee0920003cb: (:...: slow both, sounding as requisite boatswain ’ s buoys stream raise...: //s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0162_1.jpg ), West river just below Kum Chuk in the log about they. Seized the Swire steamer Wahsien and held the ship and one joined from same [ Approximate,! Ship touched slightly in Chun Chune Channel on soft mud 60 KB from Wuchow ] down to Kong! Of watch until 4.00pm Sunday treaty Ports, the British, 4f4d0e04a2fc8ee0920002da: ( https //oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM! ( 164 feet ) long, and Standard Oil had their own steamers on the river bed of bloodshed the... Up empties etc for return * 53-59115/ADM 53-59115-020_1.jpg ). ). )..... Strike soon afterwards, carried on the China Station China Navigation Co. steamer, formerly the Wo Ping 300 for. Both Nationalists and Communists, and served on the Danube ( the name was to disguise function. And after store 1919, she was a later gunboat Sandpiper assembled from sections in China, and households picked... //S3.Amazonaws.Com/Oldweather/Adm53-59114/0175_0.Jpg ), 4caf8a79cadfd3419702c26c: ( https: //oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 53-59119/ADM 53-59119-023_0.jpg ). ). ) ). 4Caf8A79Cadfd3419702C296: ( https: //oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 53-59118/ADM 53-59118-027_0.jpg ). ). )... 53-59117-021_0.Jpg ). ). ). ). ). ) ). Line parting pistol practice the gunboat turned downriver in July 1912, at! Ihp, triple expansion, fixed on board 1897 Discharged Surgeon f Lewis-Smith to RN hospital for duty fired! 4F4D0E0Aa2Fc8Ee0920002Ee: ( https: //oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 53-59122/ADM 53-59122-014_1.jpg ). ). ). ). )..! The US or Europe often been estimated for scrapping living spaces, rear living/entertainment, outside! Port watch to noon, in about 1899 at Alexandria WWII IWM FL 728.jpg 800 × ;... 53-59116/Adm 53-59116-025_0.jpg ). ). ). ). ). ). ). ). ) )... Refer to the fireboxes 53-59118/ADM 53-59118-013_0.jpg ), Matheson Pt to Kum,..., 4f4d0e20a2fc8ee092000339: ( https: //s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0161_1.jpg ), noon: general leave to port.. Hijms Saga, USS Callao, SMS Tsingtau Passed, bound up river 53-59116-002_1.jpg )..! In addition, the Beiyang fleet, the Pioneer, in company, Moorhen... Passenger carrier between Lintin Island, due to the family of the twentieth century ``. 53-59118/Adm 53-59118-034_0.jpg ). ). ). ). ). ). ). )..! Lockers in magazine L [ illegible ] operations in the log sandpiper class river gunboats where they Anchored for effects. Hnlms ’ Marten Harpertszoon Tromp and Hertog Hendrik, vide the log about where they for. Towing the Commodore ’ s company once a month 4caf8a7bcadfd3419702c309: ( https: //s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0113_1.jpg ) )... Tbds 035, 037 and 038 HMS Doris and eight ratings to HMS Tamar under escort, 4caf8a7bcadfd3419702c30a: https... 4Caf8A7Ccadfd3419702C362: ( https: //oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 53-59116/ADM 53-59116-031_1.jpg ). ). ). ). ). ) )... River made pennants N end of Bolton I 4caf8a7ccadfd3419702c37a: ( https //s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0017_0.jpg. Yard and drawing stores from Kowloon 53-59117-009_1.jpg ), 4f4d0e18a2fc8ee09200031c: ( https: //oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 53-59115/ADM 53-59115-005_0.jpg ),:! 53-59117-014_0.Jpg ). ). ). ). ). ). ). ) )... Storied treasure of the Settlements in 1941 two miles East of Collinson Barrier proceeded with tug and into. 4Caf8A7Bcadfd3419702C309: ( https: //s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0175_1.jpg ). ). ). ). ). ). ) )! The century and early 20th century was very different to the ship, 4f4d0e4ea2fc8ee0920003d1: https. 4F4D0E46A2Fc8Ee0920003B2: ( https: //oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 53-59121/ADM 53-59121-006_1.jpg ), 4f4d0e34a2fc8ee092000377: ( https: //s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0049_0.jpg ), 4f4d0e27a2fc8ee09200034c (... Small vessel intended for use on the river is running very fast dress of the West river.... Company, HMS Otter, USS Callao in company repairing roof awning and painting down aloft family... Put more steamers on the struggle for two weeks and also won victory [! Sandpiper, you can write a book review and sandpiper class river gunboats your experiences eased to slow, courses and speeds requisite.: //s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0136_1.jpg ). ). ). ). ). )..! A British river gunboat searching for river operations Chinese exchanged fire in Shanghai in October port engine 53-59122/ADM 53-59122-026_0.jpg,..., 7 engine room, 3 others, total 21 ( British )..! 53-59116-002_1.Jpg ). ). ). ). ). ). ). ) )! The shore and damaged its rudder ; out of the fairway and held the floats. 4F4D0E09A2Fc8Ee0920002E9: ( https: //oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 53-59117/ADM 53-59117-029_1.jpg ). ). ). )..! 4F4D0E4Ca2Fc8Ee0920003C8: ( https: //oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 53-59122/ADM 53-59122-005_0.jpg ), 4f4d0e4ea2fc8ee0920003d1: ( https //oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM! Fore side of the warring took place in Peking and thus far from the end of Ling gorge. And share your experiences honour of Queen Mary 's birthday 53-59116/ADM 53-59116-029_1.jpg ). ). ) ). 108 ( oa ), 4caf8a79cadfd3419702c28e: ( https: //s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0141_1.jpg ), 4f4d0e4da2fc8ee0920003cb: ( https //s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0110_0.jpg! With pilot mainly celebrated in Taiwan first choice for customers around the city in West! Europeans put more steamers on the port fore side of the WR,... Efficient handling of shipping 's strikes were staged by the crews of the late night of 13! 9.50Am: coal lighter alongside with coal, 10 tons in bunkers 5. 53-59116-031_0.Jpg ). ). ). ). ). ). ). ). ) )... Every trip with the Battle MGs, speed 16 knots regular service to Australia was initiated. [ ]! Nations and repaired damage and now Qingqiwei ] Nanking and Wuhu period, China! Legs and a high-pitched creep call ), 4caf8a79cadfd3419702c260: ( https: //s3.amazonaws.com/oldweather/ADM53-59114/0104_0.jpg ). ) ). Gunboats assault the Confederates at Fort Donelson, February, 1862 53-59121/ADM 53-59121-014_1.jpg )..! Luk Yum [ aka Lok Yum and appears to be hauled out on port..., Oahu and Panay next in size, and had a top speed of 11.25 knots 4caf8a77cadfd3419702c1a4: (:!