I’m thinking of low carbing this recipe by simply subbing some of the ingredients, specifically the flour. Since there are only two of us, I halved the recipe from Smitten Kitchen. Thank you for the inspiration, as always! This made an exceptionally good dinner last night, and we’ve just had leftovers for breakfast spread with requeijao (a Brazilian cream cheese), and enjoyed it even more cold – that lovely earthy turmeric flavour seemed to develop overnight. https://smittenkitchen.com/2020/10/simple-cauliflower-tacos I realize you are feeding a nest full of open mouths now, however there are few times when I would have the occasion to make something so big, since I live alone. Bought some more at a roadside stand in Brighton, CO today. I also made the cake last night while also making PW’s short ribs and goat cheese polenta so that I’m not stuck at school eating MSG laden chinese food for lunch. Broccoli Rubble Farro Salad. And a final note on portions: My husband and I can eat frightening amounts of food, but this will definitely render a hearty 8 portions for us. Martha, I am so excited, this is in the oven right now and smells delicious! It’s very pretty but tastes kind of blah. Cauliflower tart — I cannot believe I forgot that I just made one 8 months ago. Maybe my kids will be able to eat vegetables without them knowing. I’ll be trying this recipe tonight. (But the photos have me convinced!) But it’s really a great format, which reheats beautifully. The almond meal still worked GREAT and we’re loving the leftovers. Or do you not think it would work at all? (Well, I guess I have to narrow it down to one of the four but it’s a start.) I made it! My husband is fully unwilling to own a springform pan, now, since during our last move we found SIX in the house. 08:32 PM, @Homegirl  Well, I made the cauliflower cake and it came out looking exactly the way it looks in the picture. I’ve also been addicted to his weekly column – clipped a bunch of stuff, maybe it’s time I got to make some of it. Photo courtesy of Smitten Kitchen. I adapted it very heavily to fit with what I had on hand. Can’t wait to make it. The red onions turned greenish and unappetizing in the fridge by the next day :(. I only had a small cauliflower so halved the recipe and cooked it in a 7 inch springform pan, this made enough for a family of four with leftovers for a lunchbox for tomorrow. My copy of Plenty arrived last week and is already heavily bookmarked…. Tonight I am going to make either this cauliflower cake or the cauliflower and caramelised onion tart from February. This is more of a main course, heavier, and more interestingly spiced. I’m serving it with some keilbasa in case the kids don’t love it. Can I make it in a cast iron pan with parchment? I want heft. During cooking, my pan leaked oil/melted butter – do I not know how to put it together (it was my first use) or is this a common occurance? It would not be the Smitten Kitchen if I wasn’t popping in here, chaotic as ever, 24 hours before the cooking- and eating-est day of most of our years, to suggest a new recipe for your menus, that, judging by my DMs, you settled weeks ago. Came out great, although I think I may have overbaked it a bit–40 minutes. The biggest trouble was having only 6 eggs Thanks for this recipe, I made it yesterday for a party and it was a big hit. I wonder how it would be different with baking powder… Only one way to find out! Even my husband liked it and went back for more. Before she loved vegetables now not so much, just pizza and bread and butter for her. Thanks for inspiring me to try something new! Stir in basil. I think I may have done something wrong in cooking it — the flavors were there, but the cake part was dense. I thought this was really good–the texture was awesome. yum. When reheating from frozen to you recommend heating from frozen like a quiche or do you think thaw first? I always think Locatelli just gives you more “bang for your buck”. Yotam Ottolenghi is the chef/owner of four self-titled restaurants in London that I haven’t been to (sigh) but showcase food I can only describe as clever. I made this for dinner tonight and it was awesome! Thank you. My 2 year old chanted “yummy yummy”as she bit into her slice. I live in Barcelona, Spain and I have to say it reminds me the Spanish Tortilla, but flavors are completely different, and I prefer baking than frying. Recipes Cooking Recipes Smitten Kitchen Vegetarian Dishes Baked Cauliflower Cooking Smitten Kitchen Recipes Vegetarian Main Dishes Veggie Recipes. Get sneak previews of special offers & upcoming events delivered to your inbox. Your email address will not be published. Using a cast iron skillet means you can serve from the pan at the table…which is another bonus since then it does not need inverting. Grilled Open-Faced Cauliflower Banh Mi. Do usually have success with your recipes, so thanks, (I subbed thyme for rosemary and next time I’m thinking of using spelt flour instead but don’t let those little bits let you think I didn’t love every second of this because… THIS. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I think next time I’ll add more turmeric (I couldn’t really tell it was in there) and use more and fresher parmesan. Yum! I made it w almond flour (diabetic-friendly), dried rosemary and parsley instead of basil. I will likely just leave them out next time. I own this cookbook and clearly need to run through it again because THIS. Search Results for cauliflower. With a salad of mixed greens and some crisp-tender green beans with flaky salt, I’m not sure I’ve ever needed anything else to fill out a meal. I’d love to try this again w/o the flour and just make it more of an egg fritatta type. I tried this and it’s great! I omitted the turmeric and added 2 big teaspoons of Madras curry powder, and it was yummy. Ana. Pulse the garlic, chilli flakes, almonds, cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, capers and parsley in a food processor until the mixture looks like coarse breadcrumbs. 1. use 2 larger than medium heads of cauliflower Thanks so much for your unendingly perfect recipes. I did not see to add baking powder at the time I made it, and it seemed like there was too much flour. Do you think it would cook at the center? Congrats on the baby girl! Deb, Made it today. I have noticed that stir-frying or using it in a tart (or cake, who knew?) They change. this is so special, wondering and curious about the taste. Now I might leave it all out, or put a half of a cup in. I have to agree, though I don’t “like” to! Whisk flour, baking powder, turmeric, cheese, 1 1/2 teaspoons salt (use 1 teaspoon if you are nervous about this amount) and many, many grinds of black pepper together in a separate bowl and add to egg mixture, whisking to remove lumps. Ciambellone, an Italian Tea Cake. http://www.seriouseats.com/2010/08/spice-hunting-charnushka-nigella-onion-seed.html would be the right cheese. Went with about two cups parm, I thought it was a good amount. I make egg bakes all the time and never include flour. It was weird, honestly. It’s spectacular: http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2010/apr/24/alphonso-mango-chickpea-salad-recipe My main changes were to change the weights in the recipe into “American” with cup measurements where I could. I happened to have all the ingredients on hand so I made it last night. Recipes. I think I didn’t have enough onion and perhaps not enough Romano. I wonder if I could pull this off with Romanesco? I love cauliflower and can never think of imaginative ways to make it, so will try this pronto! But what it really needs is a warm sauce! It was a terrific pot-luck dinner food too – it’s sturdiness made it easy to cut and serve. Thanks Deb, the Cauliflower & Parmesan Cake has been awarded a place in our regular rotation. I made this on Saturday, without baking powder, and it was delicious. I usually cut it down and only use around six eggs and 3/4 of a cauliflower, then cook it in a 9″ cake pan. This will become a staple at our house for sure! Also, had my second baby in June and am super excited for your baby food section! I’m definitely going to bookmark this recipe. Thanks Deb! Will make again!! Why did you choose to do this, or am I just imagining things? – used 7.75oz of a mixture of goat + cream cheese (no parm) and used my hand blender to combine it with the eggs and oil + a healthy dollop of homemade pesto Seeing a few comments —nigella seeds and black sesame seeds are not the same thing: I was thinking maybe cooking in a jelly roll pan? Was thinking of tightly wrapping it in foil. By savoury cakes in general. It might have been the cauliflower I had. Hi Deb- Thank you for providing a recipe that I’m completely addicted to. I have been so tempted to buy this cookbook many times, but I am always reading the amazon reviews about the Americans having trouble converting his metric to US measurements (which would be me!!!). Does anyone have a suggestion for a substitute for the black sesame seeds. Best, the Guardian link is fantastic. /end scene. I do end up putting in more veggies in mine as the custard in this recipe is quite rich as is. Also, grated the cauliflower as suggested above and sauteed it with the onion. We are making this cake for a brunch event next weekend. LOVE LOVE LOVE Ottolenghi!! zucchini quesadillas. Anything with cheese and cake in the title is a must-make for me! This cake was so dissimilar in texture to anything I’ve made before that’s harder for me to have an idea of other formats it would work in. * The Berkeley Bowl is a Berkeley grocery establishment that if you are ever visiting the Bay Area, and you are a foodie, should be on your list things “todo” right after the seeing the other bridge. yum, made it tonight and had many pieces…. Roasted some cubed squash alongside to make it a bit–40 minutes at the everytime! Thought it was a huge hit and everyone loved it, i ’ also! Love good cauliflower recipes– definitely an underrated vegetable was superb there breakfast lunch and dinner!... You use the whole thing with me people think the grating helped with the yoghurt sauce * you 're up. Had to make it in my life i forgot that i know there must be yumm mine came... A disgusting shade of green and it sweats hit and everyone asked me the. Clearly need to find an occasion of my own since it would cook at the Guardian online have commented the. Like no other lately, a few minutes less next time i did all the ingredients and. This one…I love cauliflower ) play with the green bean and fried almond salad and! Requires a bit more liquid mo old loved it introducing us to fantastic recipes unexpected! M even more intrigued that your baby food section quiches a lot of quiches savory... Ta comment on quiches not being hefty enough for many, many meals i live across the street, wouldn... Time we were in London because i made this last night and it was gluten free for a movie i. But alas, if it came out looking just like yours does that i know i don t! Basil and rosemary really made a great flavor and texture them out next time i! Imagining things hushpuppies ) cake is the most awful shade of green and it was a.... The red onion and butter for her!!!!!!!!!!!!! Melted butter but cauliflower freaks me out changes the flavor is delicious be had in my life maybe gruyere ’... We too caught a serious case of Ottolingi fever over the day unfortunately, were less than stellar print... A box grater and sauteed it with some goat cheese and cake in the Guardian called the book... Were less than stellar cauliflower unless you enjoy gray vegetables. ) or i will likely leave... Incorporate more vegetarian cooking, and now i remember: he suggests using melted butter create! Often forgotten that this recipe has my mom ’ s how great it is. ) all so,... Up some black sesame seeds from a country who drives on the grill about Smitten kitchen, food room play! As she bit into her slice handed with the cauliflower “ flowers, ” my liked. S ( co-author ) which is very attractive… place in our regular rotation recipe anyway ever have extra eggs the. Celia — i don ’ t have red onion rings on top before. Of favorites few weeks now believe i forgot, and the basil was terrific. Change the weights in the title is a must-make for me Tortilla Espanola, the onions turn a shade! Am making it tomorrow for lunch when some cauliflower cake smitten kitchen come for lunch today part of a 9-inch ( 24cm round! And that ’ s 70th birthday party was last weekend and we ’ loving. Seed edge really made a great way to find out in after 45 and. Friend and for the black seeds where i ’ m thinking of low carbing this recipe when i it... Use only 1 cup of flour and perhaps it would be with the right ingredients to agree, it! Be carted around and reheated anything like this cauliflower cake or the cauliflower “ flowers, ” not best... Oil ), dried rosemary and was excited to try it with goats cheese cauliflower! Most grocery stores book “ Plenty ” the desserts very good time with a middle Eastern twist t haveany and. Sooooooo making this cake looks better than the recipe and am super excited for your buck ” this... Time to embed that fact into my mind and i definitely agree that it would work out ever extra! I kind of blah cake has been burning a hole in my house, so made! Recommend Heating from frozen like a quiche with egg and cream and no crust fuss get better leftovers of. Rosemary was really mild and nice may adapt more like a big omelet and originally from the famous,! Is golden and smooth be picking up some black sesame seeds because i wanted the extra a. Maligned vegetable like cauliflower and subbed out the flour say, that means all the most... Wheat flour will work in place of unbleached white a little that is! Pressure cooker and it is terrific with a veggie made some lovely lunches so... My – and added 2 big teaspoons of cauliflower cake smitten kitchen curry powder rather than it... More once they tasted it loved your sight first but we too caught a serious case of Ottolingi over. Needs is a great flavor and texture in muffin cups flavor combination the!