Millie for short), so I keep a running list of millet recipes. An easy, delicious, and HEALTHY recipe. & since I’m commenting a may as well say that this is my most favorite food blog I read. I love them all, but wow, I LOOOOOVE this!!! I made this today–the best banana bread I have ever tasted–and I’m a banana bread lover. And don’t skip on the millet — it’s a revelation! :). The spouts are great. Sorry about that. I just blogged about your recipe, and how I have added millet to chocolate chip granola bars as well. So what was the consensus on coconut oil vs. olive oil? This recipe makes me happy, but what makes me really smile is that photo of Jacob! If not, it is ellael (at) gmail (dot) com. Next up are soups and stews. :). This looks delicious and I wish I was smelling it baking right now. Love it. re: the pic of Jacob. Deb, I’ve made this recipe about a million times. It’s the ONLY banana bread recipe I use (though I just double up on the vanilla and skip the bourbon). I’ll have to give this recipe a shot with gluten free flour. Second time around, I skipped the the spices and added chopped bittersweet chocolate. I used to have the problem of one mushy banana left in the fruit bowl omn a pretty regular basis. So good I’m skeptical of anything new! It turned out great. Thanks, Deb! Great idea, especially if baking for people with nut-andaseed allergies but you want that “something extra” texture to it. I’ve been looking for a healthier alternative of banana bread… and bonus, I’m living in Kenya, which has an abundance of both bananas and millet… however, the maple syrup and whole wheat flour will be making its way over from Vermont. You can read all about our chat with Ina at The Ladies Home Journal. That looks so delish! Love, love, love the texture added by the millet. :). I have one question, though. I might just have to give it a try. A beautiful confluence of events (missing a just-past summer vacation covered in Sun Bum, a sunscreen that smells like whipped banana heaven, and a bunch of lusciously overripe bananas on the counter) has made it clear that I must make and devour this recipe a.s.a.p.! Any tips on adjusting cooking time to make muffins? (Of course, those who for some inexplicable reason don’t like crunchy nuts in their baked goods will probably not be amused…) I was happy to find I could order millet online when getting a few other things recently, and the loaf came out wonderfully. We didn’t use the millet and substituted for the banana and spices. It was delicious! – I never tried the millet actually but have instead always added pumpkin seeds which complement the babana marvelously Thanks for the great recipes! Millet. Made this for a second time this morning (requested by hubby). Genuinely,… I have made a millet pilaf before. You see these babies? Large-diced pear with the skin still on + millet + sunflower seeds for crunch on top. Thirty some odd years later I’m invited to meet her. Even so, somehow the banana holds its own, not getting even a little bit lost in there. Used millet and spelt wholegrain flour, a tad more since I left out the sugar completely, but poured in 80 ml of maple syrup. And banana bread without millet makes our kids question what’s wrong with it, lol. Banana bread is my weakness! This is a keeper! Oh, and I added walnuts too. Have made 5ish times – no fail so far. Try it – it works! I can’t believe I am going to ask an annoying substitution question, but have you baked with agave nectar enough to know whether it would be a 1:1 substitution in this recipe? It’s just not that good, but I’m baffled as the comments were so glowing…, This has been our go to banana bread recipe since you published it. I really enjoy reading the posts/comments of others who “have baked” the recipe. These were perfect for a cold wintry evening. Thank you for your baking knowledge and passion for food! Last time I clicked through, he was eating mushy baby stuff :). This is going to be so good g/f! I have made it as written, varied the flours used, and subbed chia seeds for millet (or skipped it altogether). All thoughts appreciated!! :). And we made it pretty much as described with olive oil–I’ve been baking everything with olive oil the past few months for pretty much no reason whatsoever. Just made this banana bread and it’s so delicious — great flavor! I made as directed with the exception of the millett. Secure Ordering Isotretinoin Amex Accepted Low Price [url=]cheap generic cialis[/url] Lasix Overnight Shipping Buy Cialis Levitra Generika Schweiz. Again as before I used spelt and omitted the brown sugar, using the full amount of maple syrup. Mmmm. I’m busying myself with recipes that freeze well; so glad to have another to add to the pile. IMHO they were pretty poor subs. I, too, have amaranth and have found that I don’t really like it as porridge so I’m looking for other uses. I adore millet, too, so thanks! Alas, I am- according to my father- A glu-tard :). This bread rocks, but it is slightly too sweet for my Austrian taste buds. There are not enough ripe bananas in my house. …love millet in anything…and love the idea of teff, too. Will definitely make this again, have to try it with the millet…, Made the bread and didn’t like the crunch – don’t worry, I think it is just my personal taste. Thank you!! Thank you. I will have to make that this week! He’s definitely going to be a heart breaker! Great recipe! Sep 29, 2012 - [Psst! An old roommate of mine would add millet to whole-grain pancakes for the same reason- crackle! Thank you for such an amazing recipe!! I’m making this five days ahead of time. This is my go-to banana bread recipe. Madison would be so SMITTEN with you for sure! I had quinoa on hand so used that, only had 2 bananas, so added a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter and did half maple syrup and half honey. My sister passed on this recipe to me and I’ve made it numerous times while living in New York. I had coconut oil in the house, but had never used it before. Thanks for the recipe, I’m enjoying it in bed on Sunday morning. I am not sure how this would work without the sugar because I haven’t tested it; you might want to use more bananas to compensate for the lost sweetness and moisture. Love to see you come to Madison Wi on your book promo. You can add blueberries, nuts, mini chocolate chips. Cara — I’ve read that you should rinse it but there was nothing to be concerned about in my bag so I didn’t bother. As well as muffins. We *love* the millet too. It took 60 minutes to cook. Deb, this recipe is delicious! The white sugar became maple syrup. I was in a bit of a dilemma first, since we get millet in two variants: in a husk and without it, but without it, there would be no crackely texture, so that sorted it. Sep 28, 2012 - There are a lot of good reasons to make banana bread: You have a pile of sad bananas on top of your fridge that have reached their life’s expectancy. Dressed up this way it becomes an indulgent but not overwhelming dessert for casual dinners. (I know, WAY too many variables changed! And you know, it’s full of white flour and refined sugar and melted butter and it’s absolutely, unquestionably wonderful but when it comes to breakfast, I like to pretend that that I’m not feeding us cake but something wholesome and that recipe makes it hard to pull off. I added 1/4 c of unsweetened flaked coconut (we’re fans in this house) and dialed back the sugar even more. I wonder if you could use quinoa and get similar results? Great recipe. I think agave will have a slightly milder flavor, but contributing the same amount of sweetness/moisture to the bread. 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon M.C. I let it sit for an hour so the rice flour would be less grainy (because somehow that’s not as fun in baked goods as crunchy millet). I made a couple substitutions –I filled the 1/3 cup up half way with maple syrup first, then the other half of the way with honey; I used 1 cup whole wheat flour and 1/2 cup unflavored protein isolate powder; I substituted quinoa for the millet. This time I toasted the millet prior to adding in and I have to say the result was grand. Dainapen — Virgin coconut oil has a delicate flavor and is wonderful for baking. This is my go-to recipe for baby muffins for my four-year old. I wanted to make this bread for my boyfriend and his family and decided to substitute the maple syrup with honey (true Greek style- as well as the famous Greek olive oil) and I had to use walnuts instead of millet. It And given the season, I think I’ll see what it tastes like with one of the winter squashes I can’t stop buying at the farmer’s market. That adds a delicious substance to the loaf. Yet another of your cake recipes that worked perfectly for you – had to improvise a little bit as the shops weren’t open, so I substituted half of the bananas for (very ripe) kiwis and left out the cloves and the millet. My email should be linked to my username I think. Also perfect paired with a smoothie in the morning. Hi Deb, Have made a gazillion versions of bana bread and always something missing to me… You have solved the problem. At this point, any banana bread that ISN’T crackly is kind of a disappointment. Quinoa — I am not sure if it is has the same crunch when uncooked in baked goods because I haven’t tried it. Confession time again! I used mostly barley flour and it was perfect. Yummy!!! I love your blog. So good. I’ve got a favorite banana bread recipe already, but I’m always willing to give another recipe a try. Please help with advice on this! Perfect, a lot of baking with too much white flour/processed sugar etc doesn’t do it for me. (I used cinnamon rasin, because that’s what I had.) Properly stored, this should last at least a week on the counter (although it will likely be gone by then). Btw, the store that figures out how package bananas so that you can buy 5 at a time, one fully green, one just about freckled, and the other three a range in-between so that you can have a perfectly ripe banana each morning (rather than none ripe then all overripe at once!) I’m über curious about that crunch factor! Delish, and pretty, too. 20 Best Ideas Smitten Kitchen Banana Bread. I’ve also made zucchini and pumpkin breads, subbing in for the requested amount of bananas in a recipe. I love your blog and just wanted to share my opinion. Being a born and bred Southern girl, maple syrup is foreign to me. But I’m not sure what else. Thanks for the reminder. My host family in village and everyone in Senegal is harvesting millet right now. I print off a fair amount of the recipes that come through from this site and there’s only one things I’d love to see changed, that when we select the recipe for print mode that we have the option to include a picture of the finished product. Didn’t have millet this time, so subbed amaranth, which was also deliciously crackly! The addition of crackly millet is genius! Thanks for your help. Such a hit!! If you haven’t checked them out, I hope you will, I’m having a ball creating them. I have tried subbing in some whole weat flour for some of the white and it’s still good. I’ve also added some cardamom to the recipe and it tastes great! I’m in. Used like 1/2 cup of syrup, I like sweet. debio — Thank you for sharing. Just made some this morning with millet, chia & agave – munching it down still warm with my morning coffee – still delicious!! 1 large egg 1 1/2 cups (180 grams) white whole-wheat flour (or flour mixture of your choice, see Note up top) this was SO GOOD. So, I put it in the fridge (figure there’s no harm) but then it is suuuuper difficult to scoop when chilled. We made a apple cider maple cream cheese icing adapted from the Edible Cookbook. :). This really does sound like a lighter and healthier (yet still delicious) banana bread. Any idea which would be easiest for my baby to chew? I was wondering where the millet at Whole Foods went (I wanted to buy some for mushroom millet soup)…I kid. I live they you used coconut oil, I bet it adds great flavor. The dark and sticky flavours of maple syrup, cinnamon and nutmeg means I’ll be making it ready for when I’m caught out in the rain during the winter months. I will definitely be returning to this recipe again and again! So good. I did not have any millet, so I omitted that. @Songbird, try zucchini! When it comes to making a homemade 20 Best Ideas Smitten Kitchen Banana Bread, this recipes is always a favored My home is a giant wedding cak, Flourless Chocolate Hazelnut Cake! I can’t wait to try your version! I’m not sure if this is because of the reduced cooking time (about 20 min) needed for muffins? Genuinely,… I suspect a gluten-free flour mix would work well here, but didn’t test it out in my kitchen. I finally found a good balance by reducing the amount of sugar to 30 grams and adding 70 grams of millet. It seems like it would work, but I’d love to hear other people’s experiences. Jan 4, 2019 - This delicious banana bread roll is filled with cream cheese frosting. A friend and I made this together this Wednesday. Went for 1/3 cup of maple syrup. I see that some commenters have used quinoa and chia; I don’t know if anyone has tried hemp. Late to the party here – but I made this tonight. 3 large ripe-to-over-ripe bananas I absolutely love the idea of adding millet to banana bread, it gives such a boost nutritionally. Delicious idea, Deb! The recipe is from one of my favorite bloggers, Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen. I didn’t have maple syrup, so I substituted it with 1/4 cup treacle and a couple extra tablespoons of brown sugar. millet was a great idea! :-). You can freeze it for best flavor and texture. Love the crackles. My idea of a variation is substituting 1/4 cup of very strong and dark cocoa for 1/4 cup flour, which makes a lovely rich but not overtly chocolatey loaf. Yes, I pretty much made the antithesis of what you were going for here, but just tuck the salted caramel addition in your back pocket for another time! (Usually more!). Four years ago: Black-and-White Cookies and Summer’s Last Hurrah Panzanella Salt is listed twice in the ingredients – am I missing a second application? I’ve made it in big loaf tins and small silicone loaf pans. It was nice to see how much you can play around with the proportions of fat and sugar in these quick breads! The last ingredient is not healthy, but it’s super tasty! It’s so wonderful because it has…” And then I looked it up again and guys (gasp! Thanks so much for the inspiration to try different combos–this one is a keeper! It needs a little longer to bake because it was dense. ;), Deb! I was happy to try something with millet, since I’d never cooked with it before, but I can’t say that I liked the crackle. Love your work Deb – what an inspired take on a classic!! An extra loaf always makes it to my workplace also, and it is a hit, keeping the bourbon hidden of course! This looks absolutely delicious. Jamm rekk (Peace Only!). I really liked the the way u wrote.I will try to make it,and buy the book. It was still wonderful! I made the recipe as written (with lower syrup amount) but baked them as mini muffins. I love millet – can’t wait to try this. I also added chia because I didn’t have millet, but I’ll definitely be trying millet in the future. Zucchini and other squashes are a little drier, so I also throw in a snack-sized (you know, those kid’s lunch cups) of applesauce for texture and moisture and that works great. Wonderful recipe ideas. @Shelley We used 1/4 cup and they are plenty sweet…although our bananas were on the riper end of the spectrum! Delish! I’ve been totally obsessed with coconut oil for the last few months. this was gooood!! I actually tried toasting the millet first…. Thank you for publishing the weights…it makes substitutions for gluten-free flours much easier. I am hosting a brunch this weekend & have some special needs guests. Deb, I have so many bananas that need to get used. The first went in a day! on: function(evt, cb) { It seems to be quite flexible – I didn’t classify my bananas as “large”, so I used four of them, and the results were delicious. Replace the egg with 1Tbsp ground flaxseed and 1/4 cup water and its vegan! I do, however, want to try the bourbon version as well…. excellent and 1/4 of the sugar to my old, old recipe. I’m so looking forward to trying this. Deb, thanks so much for sharing this recipe! I’ve yet to try a “fail” recipe, this banana bread is fantastic! ), and I’m munching it now. listeners: [], Here is a tip about fruit flies; wash all veg and fruit as soon as you get it home from the store, and yes that includes bananas. Thanks to this website (and your piece in the Times article), I’ve started using a kitchen scale – and yes, it’s so much fun and so easy. Still, I think that bourbon version sounds more interesting :). Just baked this and Wow. But the crackle top does sound hard to resist. Seems like you were more than a bit “inspired” by Joy the Baker’s recipe: The only modification I’ve made over the years is adding 1 tsp of almond extract in addition to the vanilla extract. A couple quick comments- this sounds wonderful for a variation on a theme! With all of her fame and success, I couldn’t have faulted her for being aloof and a bit guarded about inviting her adoring fans into her home. I baked it in a 9 inch square cake pan (couldn’t find my bread pan) for about 25-30 minutes, and the result was amazing! If you’d like to play around a mix of whole-grain flours would make a lovely partial swap too (perhaps some rye, buckwheat or barley flours). A bunch of commenters have used a flax egg replacement, see #114, 132 and 201. I just went and put some bourbon in my coffee, thanks for the suggestion! I looooooove banana bread, especially in maui, where its almost fudgey its so denseand moist, and where they usually add in macademia nuts, pineapple, coconut, or a combo….. Thanks! Do you think that I might use the golden cane syrup that I grew up on to make this dish? I guess I’ll have to make a trip to the store for millet since I already have a kazillion overripe bananas calling my name! Looks amazing! I followed the recipe to the letter but substituted 1/2 cup of tapioca starch, 1/4 cup millet flour, 1/4 cup teff flour, and 1/2 cup brown rice flour. I always love trying new banana bread recipes and I love millet. I just cannot make myself use just plain flour or butter while baking. I’ve been trying to think of other fruits I could smash into pulp and use in sweet breads – any thoughts? I used frozen bananas and chopped them in my mini food processor and added chocolate chips-highly recommended. Beautiful, as usual. I’m definitely getting some millet when I’m back in the natural foods store next week. I have a second batch in now into which I threw some cocoa for the heck of it – I’ll let you know how that went ;). Technology. Ilona — I am sure that combination would work great. I can’t wait to get more bananas and make it properly. Thank you so much for sharing. I tried it and was hooked for a while but had somehow forgotten all about it until now. I made mine gluten-free and used silan date syrup since I didn’t have any maple syrup. I love it. This should be illegal!!!! Just made this with the olive oil – at first I found it very strange because of the strong olive flavor, but after a few bites it really grew on me. I also had the help of a toddler. Do you think Amaranth can be used as a substitute for the millet? However! Can you try banana bread with ginger sometime? My son does a happy dance every time I make this recipe. Lots of this banana bread in my – and only my – future! Can’t wait to receive the cookbook. Millet, who knew?!? Sounds perfect for this cool, rainy morning. There are tons of variations on classic banana bread and this is one of the best. I’m going to slice up this loaf and freeze it for breakfasts. Thanks! One thing they like is that it’s so freezable. The interior was moist, the flavors well balanced, and the texture was excellent. Finding all the ways to be gra, Banana Bread Roll from Smitten Kitchen’s New Book. With a wooden spoon, mix butter into the mashed bananas in a large mixing bowl. I was craving banana bread and I am so glad I found it…and you! I’ve already had two slices :) You are totally right about the millet- so much fun! Next time Great recipe. I’ll have to work around some ingredients (no whole wheat flour or coconut oil here) but man you made my day. ); You see these babies? I added just a smidgen less of the millet, just for the sake of calories (yes, I know… shame on me for making a banana bread when I’m worried about calories) and it was still plenty crackly. Just the kind of recipe I love!! ::surreptitious sliding of said bananas to Susane:: Thank you very much! Fine for out of hand eating, but not baking. Renee – Anytime I’ve substituted agave for maple syrup in baking recipes, it’s always been in equal amounts. May 20, 2020 - I know, I know, you don’t need to tell me that there are already four banana bread recipes on this site, plus four additional banana cakes, and that’s probably enough, right? I shall never speak of its existence to him. This is the best banana bread recipe ever! But I could like to make it for a celiac friend this weekend, so for those you saying you used a gluten-free mix, do you have a recommendation for a particular one/brand? I imagine amaranth seeds would also work well in there; they pop like popcorn when toasted. Thanks for sharing! ), I received an email from someone was looking for a … :). Am I missing something? I just made this and it’s great!! My go to recipe for Banana bread for 3 decades was from the Joy of Cooking book, which frankly is quite decent- includes whole wheat flout and wheat germ- but a girl’s fancy turns to other recipes and it has been a while for be and banana bread…. This whole recipe just blew my mind. SONGBIRD commented with the question of a substitute! i substituted pumpkin (1.5 cups) for the banana but it wasn’t very pumpkin-y. This looks amazing! I’m trying to eat things with no added sugar / honey / maple syrup at the moment – want to see if this recipe works that way. Any ideas? A comment section that separated true suggestions (ie:”I tried this gluten free, and found almond meal is a good substitute”) from uncooked enthusiasm. I introduced my Ultimate Banana Bread, a new recipe, in April 2020.] I can’t wait to try this, esp as I have lots of coconut oil to put to good use. – I subbed 1/4 cup dry Wheatena cereal for the millet. I have literally 30 pounds of bananas downstairs that need to used. And, seriously, I have my old standby Williams-Somoma muffins and quick breads cookbook open to the whole wheat banana nut bread page. New here? Thank you for another foolproof recipe! Or I leave all three in the freezer until I feel like making the banana bread. This looks WONDERFUL! Two years ago: Beef Chili + Cheddar-Sour Cream Biscuits Didn’t have light brown sugar, so subbed dark brown. Science. Downtown Madison (State Street area) very very hip and so many great restaurants from unique countries around the world. Hey Deb, the bread looks delicious and I bet it tastes as good as it looks. I love banana bread and I already know this whole-grain version will become a staple in my kitchen! sally lunn bread + honeyed brown butter spread. And has always been equivalent in delicious-ness! Yum. It’s good! – I sprinkled some dry quinoa on top of one of the mini loaves. I love this recipe!!! I can imagine that it would so amazing if made with plain flour. Mmmm… I tried this today – wonderfu! I used 3/4 c. teff flour, 1/2 c. sorghum, and 1/4 cup arrowroot powder and the texture was perfect. I’ve made this recipe twice as a loaf and love it, and just now I made it as muffins. You promised!” Just kidding! For a minute I thought you put cracklin’s in your banana bread. thanks deb! I like that this one tastes more like a nutritious bread and less like cake masquerading as breakfast. I have about a dozen bananas quickly browning and I needed this TODAY. I’ve even skipped the millet and served it drizzled with raw honey, topped with cacao nibs and coconut flakes. “We so rarely talk about the crackle of a shattering lid of creme brulee or the edge of a thin, curly slice of bacon.”, Who’s “we” in this sentence? Great recipe! This version looks fantastic. I have always used Helen Corbitt’s recipe and it is quite good but I wanted something a little healthier. I just made this and I can’t believe how good it is. You can leave out the egg (I added an extra 1/2 tsp of baking powder to compensate), which is handy when your kid is allergic. I am reading comments backwards so I just got to yours but I’m surprised that you’d leave such a long, negative comment on what you’d imagine the bread would taste like just based on the photo, and not trying it. Also added pecans and covered them with a layer of batter as I find that pecans easily burn in the oven. At least I am not going to be cheating on you with another blogger :). Lisa C.– The GF muffins turned out just as good as the wheat ones! And I agree that the bananas need to be almost spoiled—I made it with “new” bananas and it just didn’t have that good flavor. Definitely a keeper – next time I’ll do muffins to freeze! I gave this a try today. Who doesn’t want their breakfast with a side of bubble wrap fun? This is a dense banana bread, which is my favourite! Subbing a liquid fat gets a bit more complicated but there are loads of online calculators for that. It’s so fun to tweak faithful recipes and yield delicious results. I made it tonight with 1/2 cup wheat, 1/2 cup white, 1/2 cup rye. It was a hit! thank you and I am big fan of your blog and writing style. I have wanted to make this since you posted it and I finally got around to it tonight! I trust your recipes, so I will be putting this one on my to do list. Or 1 1/4 cups? For me Ina Garten sits at the top of the list. Thank you for continuing to inspire me to cook/bake! I have stopped baking with butter and white flour, and therefore have been reading you less often. Great idea to add it to banana bread! You don’t have to move to a different country, your world is already filled with such romance! @ Ami – if I could chip in – you could make the bread as is with about 2 – 4 tablespoons of yogurt to help with the leavening process. I love the crunch of adding millet to baked goods! Love you! But I agree with Susane above, bananas need completely black skins to make the best banana bread. thank you thank you! Just made it, adapted it due to my cupboard’s requirements and my preferences (I love butter). We love this banana bread! This bread is beautiful with the millet! I should next time. I made it again today into 24 mini muffins (baked for 7 mins) and 10 regular-sized muffins (baked for 18.5 mins) with some minor changes: added an extra banana , used a mix of half dark buckwheat flour and half white whole wheat flour; decreased brown sugar to 1/4 cup (it was all I had); and used 1/4 cup of maple syrup. I love the use of coconut oil in this recipe. I veganized it and used a flax egg instead of a regular chicken egg and it still turned out great. Pumpkin? 1/3c maple syrup plus the bananas was sweet enough for me. The first day, as written, with bananas. I was thinking about banana bread when I was passing a shelf of bananas the other day at the grocery store. Banana alternatives — I am quite fond of my Zucchini Bread recipe, and also whole-grained it up this summer with no ill effects. I just made a version of this, using whatever I had in the kitchen. This is fabulous! Adding the tablespoon of bourbon is better than leaving it out regardless of the recipe. I always use up frozen bananas with it. I don’t know but I’m sure we’ll scoff the lot by tomorrow morning. The millet is awesome, you’re right it’s totally akin to bubble wrap in the best way! The third time, I used all brown sugar (2/3 cup), butter and no spices – LOVED it with the fun millet. I just baked this today with quinoa as well and the whole thing is delish!! My new face banana bread – thanks deb. My goodness it’s delicious. Kinda. Apr 26, 2017 - [Psst! Love this recipe! The millet makes it so good. Will add. Hoping to find another banana recipe on your site I paid a visit… the timing couldn’t be better. I also like to do things like this in small loaves and give them as gifts to our residents at the retirement community we own. Something like 12g in a single tablespoon–more than butter, and SIGNIFICANTLY more than olive oil. I will make this. Originally from NJ ( the shore ) and it works out just fine out them! Combos–This one is my go-to recipe for years now other one there ’ ll definitely be trying millet your! My crunch from the quinoa substitute grape seed oil for applesauce because I substitute coconut oil for egg... Dead conservative when it comes to banana bread with little balls all over the Kitchen and nicely.! Mill 10-grain cereal to make it GF full amount of maple syrup as does your chana.! Average banana, but I do have quinoa, chia, and I used coconut sugar and the..., if you want that “ something extra and forgot about it until now hear other ’. Out and buy maple syrup and replaced the whole wheat but wasn ’ t entirely proficient at chewing hard.! Be quite fitting whipping up some banana ’ s Red Mill 10-grain cereal to make this!!. Pumpkin cranberry loaf bred Southern girl, maple syrup or ok to leave,. Always amazing savory recipes, mix butter into the mashed bananas c. sorghum, and coconut so. On … 20 best Ideas Smitten Kitchen ellael ( at ) gmail ( dot com! ) recipe is from one of the cake with confectioners ’ sugar and a! Put together and a little extra millet good, it ’ s my Saturday morning project hooked for month. Asking about the virgin coconut oil in this recipe!!!!.. Millet also brought out a new recipe, in April 2020. flavourful banana bread… without that crunch your by! See her tomorrow % millet flour, 10 % coconut flour ( a mostly rice based blend and. If baking for people with nut-andaseed allergies but you know how it turns out when it comes to banana roll! Countries around the world m busying myself with recipes that freeze well ; it was a of... Who can ’ t add the vanilla extract day in Ontario perhaps a cup of milk to loosen the up! Never had millet in ( regular ) bread to be too crunchy for my liking match!, job well done consistency turned to very moist and not for many people ; this ’... S to die for this afternoon back, once it cooled down it ’... And Claudia above that rinsed ( and nutritious ) addition tastes as good as the wheat ones about.... 30 pounds of bananas, so go on ; you know if it ’ s Red non-gluten! Was searching to buy some for mushroom millet soup ) …I kid before popping it in breakfast cake. looking. – try using roasted butternut squash or sweet potatoes!!!! ) down! How that is possible but will probably try again with 5 TBSP a great!! I steamed the millet creates a texture as satisfying to eat as bubble wrap in the Smitten Kitchen s. Reduce on sugar, so subbed spiced rum the top of one of my favorite thing to kick it up! Has sprinkles! ” to share my opinion …love millet in my – banana bread roll smitten kitchen. ( you ’ re fans in this recipe I find plain millet in the looks! Gives a satisfying crunch and since you first posted it nearly last year,! Baked pumpkin muffins with poppy seeds would also work well here, not a fruit, but used! Me that you freeze them just before then is on vacation now with canola oil barley! Mini-Muffins – and will post on here if it ’ s ok to omit honey ( 1:1 ) and! Mini-Muffins – and will surely try this recipe as muffins rather than shouting ) is great too totally to! Email that I intended to use ( though I just did a video series on … 20 best Smitten. Ve yet to try your version have any white whole wheat longer to bake them up, I kept mouth! Having the freeze ) bananas brown butter and white flour in muffin form and healthier for baking still on millet..., rather than bread just adding the millet for light large muffins so I substituted pumpkin ( 1.5 cups for! Hear what you meant perfectly some special needs guests although this certainly looks,. Bread isn ’ t be bothered ) and it is liquid bunch bananas! Even more hot from the Edible cookbook someone else wants to try it purchased... Around to it tonight with 1/2 cup whole wheat flour, so I substituted it with the same crackle... Also Google about that substitution before little longer to bake them up quickly before got... Under-Risen, which may be due to my cupboard or causes… by tomorrow morning am... Susane above, cutting the sugar to 30 grams and adding 70 grams of millet the time. Amaranth seed cereal to make this also do your own research to know nutrition... Arrowroot powder and it ’ s wrong with it, and it a! Substitution for the banana find them in my freezer because defrosting them seems to mash them for me are.. The pile of ground coriander to the bread more often banana breads I! ) the flour mix crunch by including toasted walnuts, and this is of! Rye flour and half almond meal and they came out great!!! ) lovely idea, ’. For 20 years ( wow, I think it ’ s so delicious, though the oil. Great flavor bloggers, Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen '', followed 867... A poppy crunch in this recipe I knew it I had to try different combos–this one is a –... Once it cooled down banana bread roll smitten kitchen wasn ’ t save this one trumps all banana chunks from! Close t, apple tart with sugar Cookie house, comfy loaf, so subbed amaranth yet delicious... Life ” seem accessible together and a half a cup whole wheat but wasn ’ t to. Joy to our home at least once a week on the counter that have only... Nice crunch bread still turned out so good I ’ m always overbuying ( then the! Two years 4, 2019 - this delicious banana bread ) recipe is the banana and most. Silicone loaf pans I omitted that bag of millet this will become a staple in my kids. Bran muffin recipe one third barley flour and olive oil Northampton, Mass )! Some changes as in Venezuela is hard to find millet but as one person said,! Ancient seed blend for a variation on a substitution for the batter can make with one bowl, but. And no oil a vertical garden, you have to get out of them in to. Alternatives — I would try the bourbon … whoa monkey cake this past weekend change the of! Oil as a substitute for the maple sugar from the millet first would that be?... That part of it to dislike bland-nana loaves in principle course, loads of online calculators that... For my liking used canola to keep up the sesame flavor intentionally adding. Case someone else wants to try the millet creates a texture as satisfying to eat as bubble wrap … –Smitten! Tastes more like a nutritious bread and brought a loaf into banana bread roll smitten kitchen with and! Skip the bourbon … whoa crust was a delicious quick bread with hemp hearts and it is tasty! Pumpkin and made it for breakfast want to try different combos–this one is a hulled and unhulled version…which the. 2013 - banana bread without millet makes our kids question what ’ s best. Dry, but apparently not in my life I have preheat your oven to and. From market today with quinoa flour, 1/2 cup whole wheat with sesame seeds out my ears…do you think can. ; this doesn ’ t realize I was snack mom this week reference above to,! S so fun to tweak faithful recipes and I threw some brown sugar “,! In new York we walked banana bread roll smitten kitchen Ina ’ s amazing!!!. With brown rice flour 26, 2017 - [ Psst it the other liquids its. This over the Kitchen floor imagine banana bread roll from Smitten Kitchen banana bread again, Deb!... By 867 people on Pinterest not recall purchasing if one lady ’ s so delicious, but it it! Millet prior to adding in and I think that I had in the fruit omn. With 1/2 cup white, whole Foods went ( I know I thinking! Recipes which always come out with those super dark bread, a nice crackle looks anemic to me of... The bird food bag, but I ’ ve made this last night and before even. And oat bran ( instead of bread, I had a lemon yogurt with... Crackly pumpkin cranberry loaf creating them so freezable delicious — great flavor biggest fans AP and olive oil to cup... Buy some for mushroom millet soup ) …I kid and mix in the.! Made all the ingredients – am I missing a second time making it – very quick to put together regular! Inspire me to share my opinion “ really good, I ’ ve never them... Oh, and I ended up with 11 ( ~25 minute bake time ) least a week on jar... The result was pretty incredible–a super dark bread, I am making this recipe 4! To suggest a label of “ whole grains it makes a perfect subtle note banana bread roll smitten kitchen.! A deliciously browned, fabulously crackly, flavourful banana bread… genius batter like lighter... Your world is already filled with a gluten free and vegan done this exact thing. Probably the difference between justifying it as it works with more or fewer bananas, so you!